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2013 – present day

Introducing - 4Talent award winning comedy writer and performer Tom Bennett started off with comedy group Straitjacket. With this background and talent for character acting, and writing a comedy pilot with Bob Odenkirk (Breaking Bad), Tom’s voice work has progressed in the last year since working for numerous online businesses, TV companies and retail outlets. His recent campaign for Argos online, and work for EA Entertainment has pushed him into the spotlight, and is now seeking professional representation.


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‘Two Jacks’
(TV Sitcom)


Wen pre-op transsexual Jack’s secret is found out by his father, his life begins to change in a way he’d never have thought. Witty, dark and profound, Two Jacks explores social attitudes to the transgender community with many laughs along the way.


Completed 2013

‘The Home’
(TV Sitcom)


This affectionate sitcom focuses on the residents, their families and the staff of Claremont Lodge, a nursing home threatened with closure due to budget cuts. However, they won’t take it lying down and management and residents alike set about finding ways to make money to keep the place open. Manager and amateur magician Sandy also endures personal turmoil and many sacrifices to help Claremont Lodge, but his efforts go largely unnoticed. Will the home be saved? Co-written with Sam Drury.

Completed 2012.

Back To The Nest
(Radio Sitcom)


In these credit-crunch days, getting rid of the kids from the family home is hard enough, but just when you think they’ve all gone - this house in Mitcham has a surprise in store. Ivor and Joan were enjoying their early retirement when peace activist and OTT anti-racism worker Lizz was forced back home after her engagement went pear-shaped. And when her older sister, bubbly nurse Catherine, leaves her husband in Yorkshire, she returns too (even if it is with a bizarre Barnsley/London accent combo). Then, just when the morning queue for the bathroom was manageable, ever the pessimist and youngest child Chris returns after running into financial difficulties with his Driving School business. Ivor and Joan once more don the responsibility of being doting parents but not for long, as between them they plan on putting their kids’ lives back on track.

Completed 2012.

Being Todd
(TV Sitcom)


An exploration into a completely unique style of sitcom writing. This black comedy pushes the boundaries of the conventional sitcom. Raw and naturalistic in its presentation with minimal set-pieces and plots - it will be the closest thing to real life imaginable. And Todd and his friends and families storylines provoke a shocking insight into the realities of suburban life, from Todd's catastrophic suicide attempts, his alcoholic mother's unthinkable attempts to get booze and his father's interest in wholly unnatural and illegal material on the internet.

Completed 2011.

(TV Mockumentary)


A short mockumentary piece featuring David Hallam, a psychic whose chance predictions made him a Youtube sensation. Predicting the arrival of Gazza at the scene of Raoul Moat's stakeout in Rothbury made him a hit and a documentary crew are sent to unearth the truth behind the psychic glitz and pretense.Idea co-developed with Brad Atwill. Produced by DayDott productions.

Written 2011.

'The Site'
(TV Sitcom)


Set on a building site, this series follows the efforts of site manager Bob and his attempts at controlling his eclectic team. When he lands a massive contract to build a new mental health wing of a hospital, the pressure takes its toll. A slight Gavin and Stacey feel to this more dramatic sitcom, developing relationships with Bob and his assistant, Den, and exploring young worker, Joe's attempts at trying to track down his real father. Co-written with Bob Campbell.

Treatment complete 2010.

(Audio Sketches)


A collection of outrageously dark and sombre audio comedy sketches provoking shocking and controversial reponses. Inspired by Chris Morris' Jam and Derek and Clive - these wholly naturalistic, semi-improvised sketches are designed to showcase the dark elements of Tom's writing as well as demonstrating performance and production skills.

Completed mid 2010.

'Tom and Dave'
(TV Sitcom)


When Tom's boring and monotonous life gets the better of him, he decides to do something about it. With his friend Dave, they together outline two main areas to improve themselves. The sitcom outlines the pair's unsuccessful attempts at realising these goals, highlighting the true reasons behind their failing lives - from buying a flat, to getting a girlfriend, nothing goes right. Coupling an ensemble cast from their jobs at Newland College, this show follows the ups, the downs and the epic fails that plague these two friends throughout.

Completed July 2010

'For Pete's Sake'
(TV Sitcom + 1hr special adaptation)


Peter's northern roots don't match his cosmopolitan background and his ambitions to move away from his nagging Mother and Grandmother with whom he (still) lives. Juggling between the grim reality of a working class background and the central idea of escaping the grey world of Pete's upbringing, this sitcom elevates the simple story of life's ambitions to an hilarious tale of misfortune, misunderstandings and sometimes downright misery. Co written with Ben Ellis.

Completed January 2010

'Hell on Earth'
(TV Sitcom)


At the pub, God lost two good souls in a bet whilst playing pool with The Devil. The Devil uses these souls in a gameshow based in Hell where the contestants are forced to influence the lives of each other’s families and friends on earth. The studio audience decides the winner of each show based on the most embarrassing, cringe worthy and misfortunate circumstances they create and the winner of the series' soul is allowed to go free whilst the loser's soul is incarcerated forever. Welcome to Hell on Earth.

Completed October 2008.

(Sketch Group)

(2003 - 2008)

Comedy duo - written for BBC, E4, finalists in Super Shorts Film Competition, winner of Channel4's 4Talent creative artists award, twice completed successive runs at the Edinburgh Festival and work screened at the Montreal Comedy Festival. Currently producing pilot for America with Bob Odenkirk having had work successfully screened across the U.S.A. and Canada. "Would grace any TV sketch show" (Henry Normal).


'The Misadventures of Will and Clark'
(TV Sitcom)


The premise of the sitcom chronicles the lives of four underachieving friends who are on a quest to realise their potential and survive 21st century expectations. Unfortunately, they manage to struggle with ordinary everyday situations which result in them becoming embroiled in extraordinary situations. Welcome to the Misadventures of Will and Clark.

Completed March 2008.

'Neighbourhood Watch'
(TV Sitcom)


Sitcom built around a local neighbourhood watch group, bringing together clashing personalities and unusual situations.

Completed September 2006.

Karl Daly
(youtube character)

(2006 - 2009)

An ongoing sequence of videos on YouTube generating a following and interest in the whacky and surreal world of unusual Bristolian character; Karl Daly. Karl Daly was invited to feature in 7 episodes of the weekly show "Unanimous: The Fallout" on E4, produced by FOX in 2006.


Harold Shipman Site
(Parody website)


A site parodying the life of serial killer Harold Shipman. Originally hosted on freeserve, the site was banned twice. It was created and completed at the time of his capture and imprisonment where he subsequently killed himself. It was an experimantal avenue into the darker realms of comedy and may not suit all tastes.


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